Our Services

Our Services

Aged Care Advice

We are specialists in Aged Care Advice. Before a client becomes eligible for Aged Care Facility, they have to be assessed by ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team). ACAT is usually made up of a health professional such as a doctor or a nurse. We provide clear directions and remove uncertainty. We help avoid the pitfalls by answering questions such as whether you should sell the home, retain it or rent it out. We provide options to ensure best possible outcome is reached, given your goals and objectives. In many cases, we are able to improve your situation from a financial point of view.

Retirement Planning

This service allows us to assist our clients with a long-term view to achieving their financial goals. Clients are encouraged to communicate their long-term objectives, what their aspirations and dreams are for retirement. We then go about creating an appropriate strategy to ensure that this is likely to happen in their retirement. We meet on an Annual basis and make changes along the way as we see fit to ensure that the client is heading in the right direction. Superannuation forms a big part of this strategy and we make sure that you are invested as per your risk profile and that appropriate strategies are applied along the way to reach the desired outcome.

Wealth Creation Strategies

This generally includes investments outside of your superannuation, such as shares, funds management, bonds, property and cash etc. Other aspects of Wealth Creation Strategies would include Tax Effective Strategies where we carefully look at your financial situation to ensure that your investments are tax effective moving forward. If needed, we can put strategies in place. Gearing strategies, such a Margin Loan is another strategy that may be appropriate for some clients where clients can borrow money to invest. This enables clients to accumulate wealth faster but it does carry risks where stock markets have a down turn higher than normal, meaning a margin call may be triggered.

Wealth Protection Strategies

Your Income and lifestyle is protected in case of sickness or accident, meaning your mortgage and other financial commitments are being met when you take out Income Protection. If you were to suffer from a Total and Permanent Disablement, than your total and Permanent Disablement Cover will ensure that you get paid out a lump sum, ensuring your recovery is not hampered by financial issues. If you were to suffer a Trauma event such as a heart attack or stroke, your Trauma cover will ensure that a lump sum is paid out. Life Insurance provides protection for the loved ones; meaning when the earning member of the family passes away, the rest of the family can still meet with the financial obligations.

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